Lazy Reporting

So yesterday at the ER, after I exhausted the phone’s battery with batches of text messages telling people who much I dig being on morphine, I decided to watch some TV. I wanted news, so I skipped between MSNBC and Fox, weirding out the nurses and orderlies because usually people are one or the other.

Both channels showed nothing but ridiculous conspiracies. Fox was stuck on some stupid FBI text messages while MSNBC was equally obsessed with the story about how the President wanted to fire Mueller in June but didn’t. It was hours of an obsessive rehashing of these two utterly idiotic non-stories. I tried the CNN but it was identical to MSNBC.

I was eager to hear about Davos, the recent school shootings, something of actual interest to actual lives of actual people. But no, it was conspiracies and nothing else.

Of course, it’s easier and cheaper to go on about these invented dramas than to investigate and report but what a bloody shame. This is reminding me of the news in Russia where the whole country is literally burning down while the newscasters report on nothing but some outlandish conspiracy fantasy.


4 thoughts on “Lazy Reporting”

    1. No! Nobody! And that is a really important thing going on.

      Davos is, indeed, a meeting of horrible people about to do horrible things. But that’s why it is important. We need to know how the economy will be further liquefied.


  1. Stories:

    NYPD cops reportedly furious over being given fewer ‘get out of jail free’ cards to hand out to friends

    Get your flu shots!
    Flu Season Rages On, Hitting Baby Boomers Unusually Hard

    Meanwhile in Missouri:

    Also: Petersen then expanded his digital footprint by joining Gab, a fringe social media platform popular with white nationalists and those who identify with the alt-right. On his Gab profile, Petersen cited Facebook’s decision to block his AR-15 giveaway for why he joined the website.

    New York, New Jersey and Connecticut plan lawsuit challenging constitutionality of tax law

    The curtailing of the state and local tax deduction was among the thorniest issues facing Republican lawmakers who pushed the legislation through Congress late last year. About 44 million Americans a year take advantage of the tax break to collectively save an estimated $60 billion.

    Local leaders worried that curtailing it would undermine their ability to raise money for government services, including police and schools. Without that offset, local leaders said, taxpayers will begin to seek relief closer to home, potentially making it more difficult to provide basic services. The provision is projected to raise nearly $600 billion in federal taxes over 10 years, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.


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