Elderberry and TED

Folks, does anybody use elderberry syrup as a supplement to strengthen the immune system? Anything to share about it?

As a reward for this boring question, I can share that I watched my very first TED talk yesterday. I watched it without sound, and that was really nice. I discovered that the biggest predictor of longevity is the quantity of your daily interactions with people who are non-essential to your life (so not family members, not friends). The second biggest predictor is the existence of profound relationships in your life. The next predictors are, of course, not smoking and not drinking. So basically it’s all about emotional health and well-being. The predictors that are not related to the emotional health (getting flu vaccines and air quality) rank much lower in importance.


12 thoughts on “Elderberry and TED”

    1. David, I used to get sinus infections 2-3 times a year due to allergies. Had a procedure to widen sinus openings and have none of the infections since. The surgery was outpatient and over 10 years ago.


  1. Clarissa, Mental health is linked to health and to quality of life. No question. However, the links aren’t quite that simple. There are a lot of sources that endorse elderberry and my wife uses it when she feels a cold building.


  2. Really? How weird was their sample? I can think of quite a few of things that’d shorten a lifespan that don’t involve emotional wellbeing.

    As for elderberry syrup… My highly sophisticated opinion of it is that it’s delicious.

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  3. Is elderberry syrup made from the berries or flowers? They’re pretty different…

    For a time my workplace had TV screens in the corridor showing TED talks but the subtitles were never Polish or English but languages like Norwegian, Romanian, Vietnamese… I wasn’t sure what the point was.


  4. Hmm, in the UK the only use I know of the elder tree is to make elderberry wine – it can be very strong – or elderflower ‘champagne’ . I think this says more about us Brits than it does about the useful properties of the elder!
    When I was small many children were dosed with rose hip syrup for vitamin C and Minadex, an orange flavoured iron supplement. Both very sugary, I have now terrible teeth.
    I’d happily comment on the apparently less boring TED talks if I knew what they were… 🙂

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