How Sheltered Are You?

Oh, come on. Who has never eaten food that’s been on the floor?

I’m 16.


24 thoughts on “How Sheltered Are You?”

    1. I’ve met some writers and renowned academics but I didn’t count them as famous. Famous for me is somebody whose name will be recognized by a regular person in the street.


  1. I’m 21, or 7, depending on which way you look at it. But I am old and have no plan to have braces or go skydiving, ever. However I’ve plenty of time for a zip wire or a ride in a limo, who’s offering? And there’s time for you all to eat food off the floor, I can recommend it!


  2. About 11. Some I am not sure of. I think I may have ridden in a limo, met Clinton / Clint Eastwood, etc., but not all of these things made an impression on me. There are things I’ve done that are unusual and/or dangerous and are not on the list, and there are ways in which I have been very sheltered and even over-protected.


    1. ” There are things I’ve done that are unusual and/or dangerous and are not on the list”

      They totally should have (among others) ‘been in a third world traffic accident’ or ‘been a crime victim in the third world’ or ‘attacked by a wild animal’ or ‘killed an animal for food’ (not all of those apply to me but a couple do) and they need something male specific enough to counter ‘giving birth’

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  3. I’m somewhere around the 11/13 mark depending on some definitions… and memories, though my famous acquaintance is a Polish performer I haven’t spoken to for about 7 or 8 years (at one point they were close to a household name at present not… though they were in the news recently).


  4. I got 8, even though I don’t consider myself particularly daring or adventurous. This was a bit of a weird list, although not as weird as one I saw the other day about “are you a picky eater”. I could happily eat every single thing on that list!


    1. ‘What do braces have to do with anything aside from your teeth?”

      • Social class. Half of these items mark one as poor and half as well-to-do. Anybody in the middle falls out.


      1. \ ‘What do braces have to do with anything aside from your teeth?”
        Social class.

        Do only rich kids wear braces, while poor don’t have money for that?


        1. Dental care is not normally covered by health insurance, and dentists do not have their education subsidized in any way by the state. Very few people have naturally beautiful straight white teeth, especially with the enormous amount of sugar people eat. Dental care is expensive and people can have braces for years. The people you see on tv already have good teeth which they also bleach to an absurd level of whiteness (whiter than their eyeballs).

          I would also say having teeth that are not straight and white also marks you as an immigrant, especially if you seem middle class otherwise. Americans who can afford it will straighten even the most mild overbite. They will also yank their wisdom teeth. I had a coworker who got so irked at hearing her then underage daughter say she had extra money from her part time job she made her pay for her own braces.


      2. I guess I’m lucky to live is a state where necessary dental care is subsidized for children of low-income families.

        However the split here is how conservative the family is. Strongly religious families are much less likely to seek medical or dental care for their children, regardless of if they can afford it.


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