Crying Rooms

A police force will open ‘crying rooms’ and provide extra desk fans for female officers and staff going through the menopause.

This is not only bizarre but offensive and discriminatory. Why is nobody suing?



Does anybody have any knowledge of Kratom beyond what Google offers? We have this very good and very progressive new state rep that we elected over a horrible and corrupt old-timer incumbent a short while ago. She’s been doing amazing work for the region. But now people are massively against her because she seemed to support a Kratom ban (even though she now says there should be a hearing before it’s banned.) Why are there efforts to ban it? Does it really help opiate addicts?

Bad News on Dementia

And I’m doomed to lose my cognitive abilities, too, so enjoy them while they still exist:

The journal Diabetologia published a study that “found that people with high blood sugar had a faster rate of cognitive decline than those with normal blood sugar—whether or not their blood-sugar level technically made them diabetic.


So now Klara has her transitional object – a doll called Baby who has to go with her everywhere. A transitional object is a toy or a thing that a child learns to transfer its affections to outside of herself or the parents. It’s a crucial moment in the formation of subjectivity, and it’s an important step in learning to connect with others.

So now every morning I have to dress not only Klara but baby, too. The outfit has to be carefully selected and color coordinated. The baby has to have socks on, a bib, a coat, and a hat. Then I have to brush Baby’s teeth and give her milk. And at night Klara makes space for Baby in her crib, covers her with a blanket and sings her a lullaby. It’s super cute.

Baby also goes potty a lot. Yesterday we even worried if she had disintery because she pooped 20 times in a row.

Human subjectivity is complex.