Happy New Year!

And yes, except for papas a la huancaina, I cooked all of this myself, from scratch, as always. I rule. 

Competitive Babies

The fantasy I cherished of Klara and her 2-year-old cousin playing happily together while we all admire their friendship and love for each other collapsed under the weight of full-blown sibling rivalry. 

Klara always shares her toys with friends and even strange kids. But the sight of her cousin touching any of her belongings – or any of his own belongings – makes her very angry. The kids fight constantly. If one of them stands in a certain spot, the other urgently needs to stand in that same spot. And the pushing, kicking and screaming begins. How they know that the other kid is not just any kid but a relative and thus needs to be bugged and hounded is a mystery. 

So instead of admiring cute scenes of happy babies playing together, we get to run after them, trying to prevent them from gouging each other’s eyes out. After engaging in this pastime for several days, N announced he urgently wants more kids. I have no idea how he arrived at that conclusion but here you have it. 

The Last Link Encyclopedia of 2017

Shop your way to equality!

Not surprisingly, Trudeau’s approval ratings are in the toilet. 

We aren’t destroying the Earth. 

Beautiful paper dresses from a Ukrainian artist

It’s not good to laugh at dumb people but this one is irresistible.

Oh, so they’ve always been this apocalyptic. Good to know. 

I’ve got to do something about my news feed so that in the new year it brings me the kind of articles that I like and not the self-pitying garbage I see so often in it. 

I Envy the Techies

I’m reading Disrupted by Dan Lyons and loving it. He’s ridiculing the “peppy, effervescent, relentlessly positive, incredibly hubristic and overconfident attitude” at techy startups, and I feel a pang of envy. I’m in a profession where everything is great except for the environment of apocalyptic, tragic, dejected gloominess that is entirely divorced from reality. If only it got a bit more fashionable to be peppy and effervescent, I’d be very happy.


After I spent an hour and a half picking up toys, food remnants, and bits of torn tissue that three kids left created in the process of actively playing for 4 hours, N came in, looked around, and said, “Wow, the kids really changed since last year. The place is spotless! They made no mess at all. Incredible!” 

A Good Link

There is a very good article in the WSJ about the transformations in hiring practices. Once again, I want tiresomely to repeat that a political force that doesn’t center its program on the challenges and very heavy human costs of globalization creates a vacuum that will be filled by forces of enraged populism.