The Last Link Encyclopedia of 2017

Shop your way to equality!

Not surprisingly, Trudeau’s approval ratings are in the toilet. 

We aren’t destroying the Earth. 

Beautiful paper dresses from a Ukrainian artist

It’s not good to laugh at dumb people but this one is irresistible.

Oh, so they’ve always been this apocalyptic. Good to know. 

I’ve got to do something about my news feed so that in the new year it brings me the kind of articles that I like and not the self-pitying garbage I see so often in it. 

9 thoughts on “The Last Link Encyclopedia of 2017”

  1. Something I am unhappy about:

    \ Haredi parties foil efforts to amend supermarkets bill

    Contentious bill set to go up to a vote in second and third reading on Tuesday morning after Shas, UTJ stop efforts to remove convenience stores from the legislation’s purview; while the coalition thwarted opposition filibuster efforts, it is still struggling to ensure a majority to pass the bill.

    According to the supermarkets bill proposal, a municipality would only be able to allow trade on Saturday, the Jewish day of rest, with the approval of the interior minister.

    Interior Minister Aryeh Deri of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party is the one who proposed the legislation in an effort to close down supermarkets and convenience stores that operate on Shabbat.,7340,L-5064692,00.html

    Btw, Aryeh Deri is a crook who in 1999 “was convicted of bribery, fraud and breach of trust and given a three-year jail sentence.”


  2. Knesset moves to ease restrictions on death penalty for terrorists
    Controversial legislation spearheaded by Lieberman that would ease imposition of capital punishment for terrorists narrowly passes preliminary Knesset reading, garnering 51 votes for, and 49 against; PM: ‘Whoever holds a knife, murders and laughs deserves to die. He doesn’t deserve to live.’,7340,L-5065965,00.html


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