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Since people are asking, this is my process for learning Basque. 

The first step is to figure out how the grammar works and learn some vocabulary. I have a textbook, and I’m working with the textbook, going through it in a very slow way. I’m not good with memorization but here there’s no way around it. But hey, it’s the best prophylaxis against Alzheimer’s.

After I get the basics down, I want to find a native speaker who’ll help me practice conversation on Skype. But before I get there, I need to be capable of conversation. 

The good thing is that I’m teaching languages and I’ve learned a bunch of them already, so I know what works for me and how I learn. 

But please don’t expect miracles any time soon because there is so much memorization involved, and I’m not good with that at all. 


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7 thoughts on “Euskera

  1. Evelina Anville on said:

    Do you listen to songs or watch anything to get a feel for how the language should sound?


  2. Jonathan Mayhew on said:

    I went through a few lessons of a Basque grammar several years ago. Grammatically I could handle it, but the vocabulary is a steep learning curve. But, as you say, if you know what it means to learn a language well you can do it if you devote enough time consistently.


  3. Dreidel on said:

    Hey, why are you doing it the hard way? Haven’t you seen the “Babbel App” advertisements? Don’t you know that you can “learn ANY language in three weeks,” if you just apply a little brains and use modern technology?

    How long did it take me to learn my third language (Italian)? Considerably longer than a month, and that was even with an Italian girlfriend who didn’t speak a word of English but wouldn’t stop yapping in my ear.


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