The Holidays Begin

For me, the holiday season is just beginning. Relatives are flying in today, gifts are slowly mounting under the tree, I’ve got a mountain of food to cook. I swear, though, I’d rather cook 5 dinners for eleven hungry revelers than wrap a single gift. I stink at wrapping beyond what words can describe.

Klara went to daycare today in her Halloween costume because the costume is very warm, and it’s -16°C here, which is impossible to believe. I’m still coming out of the house barefoot and in my summer dress, but I’m obviously not trying to get Klara to want to imitate me. 

7 thoughts on “The Holidays Begin”

  1. Why not use gift bags instead of wrapping gifts? Still festive but much easier and quicker than wrapping. And if you add tissue paper, it still gives the receiver the delicious anticipation that accompanies unwrapping a gift. 🙂


      1. Or..put N on gift wrapping duty (save the ones that go to him)?

        Of course if you go to certain stores, (Macy’s, Kohls, B&N during the season,) they’ll wrap your purchase at no or little charge.


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