Not only can Klara recite the alphabet from start to finish, but I just discovered she knows half the letters, too. It’s creepy because I’m not teaching it to her. She just picks it up.


Friday Link Encyclopedia

The wars over white-collar jobs. This is specifically the Google version of the wars but they are coming to all of us.

This is the way Trump needs to be discussed.

I thought everybody was supposed to be whatever they say. So why is anybody questioning anybody’s narrative of their weight and height at all?

I never thought I could care about the well-being of an animal, but I do feel sad for the poor critter that ended with these weird folks.

Do people realize how nuts they sound with this kind of article?

A truly scientific approach to deciding whether to have children.

Who cares if onions can make you cry? What’s needed is the kind that can be eaten without making one stink for hours afterwards.

People seem completely normal, and then you read this kind of post and discover they are raving lunatics. And this person makes a living from being some sort of a life coach, which is doubly scary.