Not only can Klara recite the alphabet from start to finish, but I just discovered she knows half the letters, too. It’s creepy because I’m not teaching it to her. She just picks it up.


4 thoughts on “Letters”

  1. It’s pretty normal for a toddler Klara’s age to recognize at least some letters. Daycares also teach numbers and letters through activities and games — and letter recognition could be as simple as teaching letters as shapes with names, alphabet picture books, colorful alphabet rugs, that sort of thing. Part of it is her own association building between names and shapes, but part of it is likely also from daycare activities that help teach and reinforce those associations.


    1. And it’s also absolutely normal not to and not to speak beyond one or two words. It kills me to see people drag kids to doctors and slap diagnoses on them because they don’t speak at age 18 months. It’s insane.


  2. I’m pretty sure I learned the ABCs in preschool where we sung the ABCs song and we played with alphabet blocks. Also every classroom had the ABCs on the wall. In addition, I watched loads of Sesame Street which had all these letter segments — like these:

    (Now that show is on HBO, but Sesame Street was on public television for decades.)

    Does the alphabet song she sings sound anything like this?


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