Tourists Are Welcome

As you know, the 2018 soccer world cup will be taking place in Russia. Eleven Russian cities will host games.

What you probably don’t know is that all these 11 cities are getting millions of rubles in finding to slaughter stray cats and dogs. The goal is to clean up the streets and make the cities more welcoming to the tourists. Right now, the stray animal issue is do bad that streets are both dangerous and drowning in dog shit.

Dog-catchers often slaughter dogs and cats who do have owners or live in shelters because they are paid by the corpse. Every night, dozens – and sometimes up to 200 – of dead bodies of slaughtered animals are dragged away to be burned. The snow is covered with red patches where the animals bled.


4 thoughts on “Tourists Are Welcome”

  1. I thought you didn’t care about animals, but after that post about a cat and now this…

    Do you think what is done in Russia is wrong or that foreigners will find it wrong, so it should be used as an effective anti-Russian propaganda?

    I have always loved cats, but had I lived in a place where the stray animal issue would make streets dangerous and “drowning in dog shit,” I would want to do something about this, even if the animals would have to be put down.

    I thought you agreed with the above paragraph, expect with the liking cats part.

    Of course, Russia being Russia means it’s not done in the most humane fashion, but those dogs should’ve been put down long ago without waiting for the special competition.

    As for animals having owners, if those owners let them roam the streets and endanger others, I cannot blame the dog-catchers.


    1. I don’t like animals but I don’t want them to be killed or tortured. I want the ones that already exist to live decently with caring owners or in good shelters. But in Russia everything is a pretext to unleash sadistic impulses. Everything. It’s very sad. It’s always the most cruel solution they come up with. Obviously, it’s a result of historical trauma.


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