So now Klara has her transitional object – a doll called Baby who has to go with her everywhere. A transitional object is a toy or a thing that a child learns to transfer its affections to outside of herself or the parents. It’s a crucial moment in the formation of subjectivity, and it’s an important step in learning to connect with others.

So now every morning I have to dress not only Klara but baby, too. The outfit has to be carefully selected and color coordinated. The baby has to have socks on, a bib, a coat, and a hat. Then I have to brush Baby’s teeth and give her milk. And at night Klara makes space for Baby in her crib, covers her with a blanket and sings her a lullaby. It’s super cute.

Baby also goes potty a lot. Yesterday we even worried if she had disintery because she pooped 20 times in a row.

Human subjectivity is complex.


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