One brand I absolutely detest is Annie’s (“organic” soups, pastas, etc.) Whenever I bought anything from this brand, I’ve literally had to throw it away because it’s uneatable. Yesterday I was so rushed (as I always am on Tuesdays) that I made Annie’s mac and cheese for Klara. And even though she loves pasta, she didn’t even try this one after the first bite. It even looks sad. And the memory of their horrible pea soup will haunt me forever.

I don’t know how the brand manages to sell what is obviously low-quality product at a premium price.


3 thoughts on “Annie’s”

  1. Are there any “meals in a box” ready to cook that you like? I don’ like any of them I have ever tried. I have never tried Annie’s.


    1. I actually do like TV dinners. But I haven’t had any since I met my husband because he can only eat fresh, cooked from scratch or he gets sick. On the upside, I have flourished as a cook. 🙂


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