Not Trying

It’s absolutely amazing to me how many people are not even trying. I have no idea how they explain it to themselves and what kind of a vision of themselves is compatible with such an aggressive refusal to make the slightest effort.


7 thoughts on “Not Trying”

  1. Comment on <b?Not Trying

    The pervasive issue seems to me to be that students have had education professionals make everything so easy for them through 12-th grade that they have no idea how to cope with the sudden requirement that they think more independently and devote much more time to their work when they reach college. Tragically, the same cadre of educational professionals are trying to water down the requirements of college programs under the guise of “student retention.” After more than a decade of teaching only more advanced courses, I taught calculus a while back. I was shocked at how much the course had been watered down, with the deeper and trickier topics eliminated.


  2. I gave a quiz last week and a number of students turned in their papers blank except for their names and ID numbers. I haven’t had the stomach to go through and grade them yet.


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