Every year, we get emails asking people to volunteer to host high school students from underdeveloped countries who come to stay for a year because they won a scholarship. The hosts don’t get paid anything to do it. And every year the program finds enough hosts. I’m awed that there are people who want to undertake such a duty just to be kind. I wish I had it in me but I don’t. But I deeply admire those who do.

One thought on “Awed

  1. I lived for a year in high school with a family in France who did this. I was just one in a long series of foreign students they’d hosted — they saw it as a way to expand their kids’ language skills and cultural knowledge. You know how sometimes parents under stress have to name all their kids before they get to the one they’re addressing? The grandparents were like that, only it was “hey Wong…Siobhan…Lisel…sorry…[my name]” as they cycled down the list of previous honorary family members. It was very sweet.


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