What Will Russians Do?

Everybody seems to agree that nothing has been done to prevent or diminish the magnitude of the Russian meddling in the US elections. What’s really interesting is, if Russians decide to give it another try and not just abandon the whole endeavor because of it’s clear uselessness, who will they support this time?

The kind of chaos that Russians were hoping for didn’t even remotely occur. The changes between the Obama and the Trump administrations are those of rhetoric. In practical terms, both serve the fluid elites and contribute to the same international order with the same passionate dedication.

Since there is no real attempt even to look at an alternative to the neoliberal embrace of fluidity, there isn’t anybody that Russia can support who’d bring the desired (by them, I mean) results.

5 thoughts on “What Will Russians Do?

  1. “The changes between the Obama and the Trump administrations are those of rhetoric.”

    Wow. Nothing matters anymore. Who cares if dems flip the house or win in 2020. Both parties are the same.

    Jill Stein


    1. If you can make an argument that something did change for the Russians with the new administration, I’d definitely be interested in hearing it. But I’m following this very closely, and I can’t say they are perceiving any difference.


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