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The Mystery of Mysteries

Does anybody know why all new book releases in the mystery genre happen in February and August? It’s clear why most important episodes in a TV show air in February. But what is it with books? It’s so annoying to have nothing to read all year and then to get inundated with half a dozen 400-page mysteries in one week.

P.S. The ones I read are not really mysteries. It’s the police procedural genre.


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6 thoughts on “The Mystery of Mysteries

  1. David Bellamy on said:

    It’s clear why most important episodes in a TV show air in February.

    Why is that clear?

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    • That’s when the networks make decisions as to which shows will be renewed. So each show does its best to get the highest ratings in February. There is a term for this that I can’t remember right now.


    • Shakti on said:

      Sweeps are during February.

      Based on the viewing habits then, that’s how ad rates are set by Nielsen for various networks and shows.


      • Exactly, that’s the term. Thank you. I hate it when a word escapes me.

        It is weird, though, that book publishing is following the same schedule. I’m sure there is a reason. Something to do with tax seasons?


  2. February — peak cabin fever?


  3. If February is peak cabin fever… then maybe August peak beach time?

    January and July would make a little more sense but… who knows?

    It also might be some scheduling thing inherited from long ago that just became tradition…


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