The Mystery of Mysteries

Does anybody know why all new book releases in the mystery genre happen in February and August? It’s clear why most important episodes in a TV show air in February. But what is it with books? It’s so annoying to have nothing to read all year and then to get inundated with half a dozen 400-page mysteries in one week.

P.S. The ones I read are not really mysteries. It’s the police procedural genre.

6 thoughts on “The Mystery of Mysteries

    1. That’s when the networks make decisions as to which shows will be renewed. So each show does its best to get the highest ratings in February. There is a term for this that I can’t remember right now.


      1. Exactly, that’s the term. Thank you. I hate it when a word escapes me.

        It is weird, though, that book publishing is following the same schedule. I’m sure there is a reason. Something to do with tax seasons?


  1. If February is peak cabin fever… then maybe August peak beach time?

    January and July would make a little more sense but… who knows?

    It also might be some scheduling thing inherited from long ago that just became tradition…


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