The Noses

What’s annoying is that whenever anybody writes about Basques, there’s always a discussion of their noses. Supposedly, they all have “prominent noses.” As if everybody else in Spain were challenged in the nose department.

I’m not reading tourist guides, you understand. I’m reading scholarly literature.

I’m now wondering what it is that scholarly sources say about Ukrainians.


3 thoughts on “The Noses”

  1. Pff! Agreed! We have noses with personality…mine included. That surprised me a bit of Americans, they have such small noses in general 🙂


  2. “Basques, there’s always a discussion of their noses”

    Some years ago a Basque person was going to be visiting where I work and a Polish teacher of Spanish was asked to meet him at the airport. The teacher said she didn’t need the name
    “I’ll recognize him”.
    In this case she was thinking more of the stereotype of Basques having squarish faces and distinctive looks (and in this case it was very true).


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