N needed me to take his car to the dealership and sit there for 3,5 hours while it’s being seen to.

It’s the perfect excuse for me to spend 3,5 hours with my Modern Basque History book feeling no guilt whatsoever for not doing anything more important.

I love my husband for giving me this opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Guilt-free

  1. I also find sitting at car repair garages to be an excellent opportunity to do certain kinds of work. The problem is that sometimes there is a television set which is always on. This is too much distraction. The other situation I find really helpful in this regard is a long train ride. Have you ever taken a train to Montreal? I took one there from Delaware in 2009. It was wonderful.


    1. Yes, other people in the waiting area seem obsessed with daytime game shows. This is weird because everybody here is about 15 years younger than me. And I thought this type of programs was for people much older than me.


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