The Real Blow

And by the way, Trump has delivered a non-blustery yet very painful blow to Russia. He raised the metallurgy tariffs. Russia is the fifth largest importer into the US in this category and it stands to lose up to one billion a year as a result of this measure. This is a blow that this moribund industry in Russia might not survive.

Finally, the fellow stopped the aggressive bluster, and now he’s an evildoer for not blustering.

I can’t believe that a year after the inauguration I find myself in a situation where I have to defend Trump in the face of an opposition that proved more ignorant and unreasonable than he is.

One thought on “The Real Blow

  1. I’m on Trump’s side when it comes to these tariffs so far. I’m also impressed he’s not abandoning this campaign promise. I thought he decided to abandon it.

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