Exactly Right

On the news, “No response from Trump to these incredibly new revelations about Russia’s nuclear weapons! When is he going to start acting like a Commander in Chief??”

Not only are “the incredibly new revelations” almost eleven years old, the very best response to this pathetic trolling that Putin engaged in is complete silence and a refusal to take him seriously. It’s definitely a lot better than Obama’s constant expressions of grave concern that led absolutely nowhere.

I so hope Trump isn’t influenced by all this truly crazy and irresponsible press coverage and doesn’t change course on this issue. Because either by instinct or by design, he’s doing exactly what he should right now.

6 thoughts on “Exactly Right

    1. That’s comparing apples and verb conjugations.

      Different cultures, different leaders, different goals, different histories. It would be insane to give the same reaction.


  1. Wasn’t it already a given, even back in the ’60s, that “both the Soviet Union and the United States each have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the entire earth 20 times over” (or some damn thing like that)?

    All these “revelations” prove is that Russia, much like the U.S., has simply only dismantled a given percentage of their nuclear weapons arsenal over the last few decades, still maintaining “enough to ward off potential future attacks by hostile nations”.
    A lot of us already knew this.


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