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Even Worse

So now Trump is not menacing North Korea with nuclear weapons and is trying to do the diplomatic thing and have talks but it’s still bad because Kim Jong Un is short or something. Daddy issues rule.


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12 thoughts on “Even Worse

  1. Evelina Anville on said:

    I’m immensely relieved he’s having talks and thankful that the South Korean and Chinese governments intervened gracefully enough to convince both these meglomaniacs that the talks were “their” ideas.

    That being said, I’m very concerned that we don’t have the necessary diplomatic agents in place to make the talks a success. The diplomacy/foreign affairs department has been gutted and the representatives are not yet replaced; meanwhile, we have a ridiculous buffoon for a president who seems to think his silly tv star experience is sufficient to conduct talks of this magnitude and delicacy.

    So I think the hysterics are unwarranted but do think there is serious reason for concern here. Still, we should be grateful for this small victory.


    • ” there is serious reason for concern here”

      There is always serious reason for concern when dealing with crazy people with nukes or potential nukes (see also: Iran)

      But the larger point here is that the intense negative emotional orgy the Left goes through every time Trump has a bowel movement or blows his nose is not healthy.
      He’s a mediocre president who (like other outsiders before him) can’t get much done because he doesn’t know how Washington works and he says/does some dumb stuff and there’s some less dumb stuff scattered around.


      • Evelina Anville on said:

        But now our president is one of the crazy people. And he is a crazy person without the usual presidential buffers. This is better than threatening nuclear war, absolutely. But that’s a pretty low bar. Having an ignorant nincompoop running complex negotiations is worse than many many other scenarios.


        • “Having an ignorant nincompoop running complex negotiations ”

          That is almost always the position a president is in. The personality type needed to get into the office is almost never able to transitions into complex and delicate negotations (also true of Hillary had she won).


          • Evelina Anville on said:

            Trump is a spectacularly ignorant blowhard. He was voted in BECAUSE he was ignorant. And he refuses to study or make himself less ignorant. Other presidents crammed knowledge in, were surrounded by experts, and knew what they didn’t know.

            It’s ridiculous, I agree, to ague that these talks are worse than the deeply concerning “bloody nose nuclear attack” rhetoric. But it’s equally ridiculous to argue that there is no difference between Trump and Obama or he and H. Clinton or even between he and GWB when it comes to diplomacy. Trump is uniquely unfit to handle this process.


            • Stringer Bell on said:

              “But it’s equally ridiculous to argue that there is no difference between Trump and Obama..”

              You’re wasting your time on this troll.


          • The Dark Avenger on said:

            Like when her hubby negotiated with the leaders of NK?

            Good point.


            • Bill Clinton was the last (most recent) president capable of both getting into office and doing the job while there. Hillary might be able to do the job (not sure, but maybe) but she can’t get into office so it’s academic theorizing what she might have done…


    • I’m with Evelina 100%. This is exactly the reasonable, meaningful kind of analysis that is sorely lacking.


  2. Stringer Bell on said:

    Honestly, I suspect the talks are pre-determined to fail. By design. And then the GOP will be like ‘hey hippies, we tried it your way, it didn’t work out. Time for some shock and awe.’


    • Evelina Anville on said:

      Yes. I think your analysis might be right. It’s similar to the GOPdomestic spending “plan: give millionaires huge tax cuts (and the middle class tiny but noticeable ones), dump an unimaginable amount of money on the silly wall, and quintuple (or whatever) military spending until the deficit balloons to cartoonish levels. Then, crow about fiscal responsibly and the necessity of belt tightening the millisecond we have a Democrat back in office who wants to spend federal money on infrastructure, education, healthcare, the environment, or anything remotely designed to support a healthy, functioning society.


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