Borscht Bucket

I finally bought a borscht bucket.

10.5 quarts.

I normally use this tiny 5-quart thing, and it’s pathetic. You’d think that 2 adults and 1 toddler only one of whom is Ukrainian could make a 5-quart pan of borscht last for at least 3 days, but it evaporates in this house. I have started resenting my family for devouring my borscht before I have had time to enjoy it.

So now I’ll just make it in this bucket, and I’ll hope it will last me enough. There is the concept of the 3-day borscht, which is that borscht tastes best on the third day after cooking. Now I will finally find out if this is true. Of course, the rule is mostly for meat-based borscht while mine is very vegan. But still.

2 thoughts on “Borscht Bucket”

  1. I’m pretty sure it applies for vegan borscht as well. Whenever I cooked some by your recipe, it tasted best around day 3.

    10.5 quarts (that’s ~10l, right) sounds about right for 3 people and 3 days. It isn’t really that hard to absorb 1l of borscht a day, even if one isn’t Ukrainian.

    Hmm, maybe you need a bigger bucket…


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