News About Feet

Turned on the TV and caught a segment in which a podiatrist is analyzing Trump’s son’s feet’s pictures from social media because they prove he slept with some scary looking broad.

It’s scary to realize that there are people in the world who are interested in this kind of news.

5 thoughts on “News About Feet

  1. Do you mean body language expert? A podiatrist would probably talk about hammertoes and corns.

    Usually they only reserve that kind of crap for Hollywood actors or singers who have a base level of “attractiveness” and it’s only on Hollywood gossip shows.


    1. They were comparing bunions, I kid you not. Are the bunions on the feet of the broad’s secret lover similar to those on Trump’s son? Crazy folks.

      On another channel there was a discussion about how Melania “must be furious” over the story about Trump and the prostitute. Because I’m sure Melania would much rather he did it with her than with others.

      People are so simple-minded. I’m sure Melania would pay good money to a batallion of prostitutes to take over from her. I mean, the guy is not exactly appetizing.


      1. Ewwww.
        (To bunions and dissecting the sex life of someone so unappealing through foot problems. Apparently a lot of people have foot fetishes?)

        I mean, the guy is not exactly appetizing.

        He might be more appetizing to her than we think.  Her kid is the only oldest/first  kid in DJT's marriages who isn't born out of a shotgun wedding or out of wedlock (that we know of.) Plus Trump looks a lot like her father who is also around the same age. In addition they are both venal birthers. 

        They have an understanding, I’m sure.


  2. Latest news:

    // Gunman of Moroccan origin who pledged allegiance to Islamic State killed at least 2 people, wounded 12 in Trèbes supermarket in southern France, near Toulouse; terrorist had gun, grenades and knives and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar,’ eye witness says; mayor: ‘All hostages freed save for policeman’; report: terrorist demanded release of only surviving terrorist of 2015 Paris attacks.,7340,L-5191184,00.html


    // Anti-Semitic caricature appears in Belgian textbook
    A geography textbook approved by country’s Education Ministry shows overweight Jew asleep in bathtub near impoverished Palestinians with empty bucket; chapter deals with inequality in water distribution between Israelis, Palestinians residing in West Bank; International Legal Forum director: ‘Unbelievable that in 2018 Belgium caricatures exist that scream anti-Semitism so bluntly, caricature should be expunged immediately.’,7340,L-5190584,00.html


    1. Given that Palestinians are as semitic as anybody else, the cartoon is hardly anti-Semitic. It’s another issue altogether why geography needs to be taught by medium of cartoons, and I’d take an issue with that as evidence of dumbing down education and turning it into a literal caricature.


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