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I don’t get why David Hogg is so intent on applying to the ridiculously broken California system of higher education. He’s a bright, articulate kid with a ton of promise. Lots of great schools around the country would be happy to have him. And it’s a lot cheaper to live where those much better schools are.

To illustrate the point made above, here is a post on black men and personal libraries by a professor of one such school.

I hate this kind of thingin academia, but in government I outright detest it.

Essential oils stink, and not only in the literal sense.

What can be more disgusting thanthis kind of medical corruption?

It’s scary that adults can be so out of touch with their own bodies. This kind of body hatred is breeding ground for medical corruption linked above.

Psychiatrists are triumphantly and wordily inventing the wheel.

If you really really hate your inner world, this is the product that will help you drown it out.

Students at Stanford are doing something useful.


11 thoughts on “Almost Easter Link Encyclopedia”

  1. Is it body hatred in that they thought that their bodies were supposed to hurt? I disagree with this and see a lack of medical help as a lack of self care.

    Or do you think it is body hatred in that they think they need painkillers for a natural function? I’m not sure because I got the first idea from the Impudent Strumpet article, but then you listed the other article about excessive painkillers. I’m not sure about what you believe here.


    1. When one starts menstruating, of course, it’s something you need to learn. It is uncomfortable and painful at first. But a mature woman knows how to get in tune with her own body and not experience it as an alien process like she did at 12. There’s got to be a dynamic here.


      1. I got horrible cramps during the semester of my Ph.D. exam, like childbirth contractions or something, it was near disabling and I had never had a problem like that before. Some bad days in perimenopause, too. The first time, I knew it was unacceptable pain and that it was stress related. The second time I did not understand what was happening and just suffered, thought it was one more way in which things were not going well. I’d have done well to guess the cause sooner & started on a better self-care plan.


  2. I think iPhones are already ahead of other phones when it comes to encouraging you to put the phone away. You can set the phone to “do not disturb” without even unlocking it, and you can select some people who are allowed to ring through any time (like my dad, because he would never call after 8 unless it was an emergency) they have a new feature that tells you when you should be getting to bed based on when you plan to wake up, and you can reduce the screen brightness, which helps in the evening. You can also use a parental access code to switch off features when you decide to let your kid have a phone. When we decided that my niece was old enough to stay home when we went out for short errands, we could give her my husbands old iPhone without the ability to use the web browser, or download any apps or music unless we approved them. The only thing I wish it would do is set time constraints on some functionality, so we could shut down anything but making calls and the alarm after a set time at night.


  3. What makes the CA HE system so bad in particular?

    Note that he did get into 2 CA schools, in the CSU system – CSU-SM and Cal Poly at SLO. He didn’t get into the elite UC system. In his place I’d go to FAU, though.


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