The Why

You know how it’s popular these days for companies or entrepreneurs to figure out their why. This means the deep reason why they do their work, the profound motivation.

Do you know your why? Do you know the reason you are dedicating most of your time to whatever it is you are dedicating it?

I never had any doubt about my why. I’ve been deprived of my culture and my language and given something I never wanted instead of it. So I’m trying to fill the void with other languages and cultures. What are Basques, in the end, if not people who in circumstances very similar to those of Ukrainians did a much better job preserving, creating, dreaming up – who cares, really? – a culture, a literature, a language, and a will to exist?


One thought on “The Why”

  1. My Why has always been to figure out how to have a meaningful life despite enormous suffering. Don’t get me wrong — I haven’t had nearly as bad a life as a lot of people — but I’ve seen a fair amount of injustice, rejection, and pain. And then there’s this crazy world we live in — how does one have a meaningful life in this absolutely bat-shit crazy world that undervalues everything I believe in?

    I bring this question to my classes every day — how are you going to have a meaningful life? They mainly respond with a doe-eyed reverence for Jesus, which I guess is okay, but it also doesn’t indicate taking responsibility for one’s own meaning.

    I think having/living a meaningful life takes an awful lot of courage. It includes standing up for what you believe in, being honest, and trying to maintain integrity no matter how awfully you are treated. Just like Kierkegaard writes about faith in Fear and Trembling, it’s no easy matter having a meaningful life.


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