I Need to Move

OK, so I just read through dozens of messages in this local FB group, and people who grew up around here say they never had birthday parties or playdates growing up. Because nobody would come anyway. And people wouldn’t even tell you they are not coming. They’d just pretend the invitation never existed. So you wouldn’t even know if anybody was coming and had to stress out until the last second.

4 thoughts on “I Need to Move”

  1. I always ask that they RSVP on the invitations. Give phone and email. Send reminder a week prior. Usually people either RSVP either right away or after the reminder. No RSVP means they’re not coming 99% of the time.

    These days, using Evite to invite folks is quite popular and efficient.


    1. That’s the thing. Nobody ever RRSVPs. I thought maybe the concept was not understood locally. But these local parents say they have the same problem.


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