The Same Source

The theyby folks are as freaked out about fluidity as any regular Trump voter. And they are as desperate to stave off the terror with empty sloganeering and magical thinking. But they consider themselves to be very superior to folks who are just as scared and lost. But since they are a lot better educated and have a lot more cultural capital, they are more to blame for having zero insight into their own motivations.

3 thoughts on “The Same Source”

  1. Don’t know who or what you’re talking about.

    Between Hillary taking up space in Driedle’s skull and the ⬆️, I’m having to brush up on the dynamics of delusional thinking.


  2. I am a conservative oppressor. I wouldn’t do this. Of course my kids were adopted and came with genders, and one is gay and still does not fully believe it, although I do. So what do I know. But it all just seems so self-absorbed and precious, too much of a burden to put on them, “I want you to be a they for as long as you possibly can” — ?


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