Snack Quiz

This snack quiz told me I grew up in the south. Of course, it’s the south in relation to the North Pole. Or Finland. But not much else beyond that.

I said I like poutine. How southern can that be? I mean, for the Inuit, I’m sure poutine is what the Southerners eat but that’s about it.


7 thoughts on “Snack Quiz”

  1. It’s a silly quiz. I grew up in the land of putting fries in places they don’t belong, cookie tables, and pierogies.

    Local specialties here include Greek salad that has potato salad, Cuban sandwiches, and all the Greek desserts you can eat plus scores of frozen yogurt shops.

    I come by my love of boiled peanuts from my grandparents making them for me.


  2. It has me as being from New England which is wildly wrong…

    It doesn’t have enough southern stuff to realistically judge, no pork rinds or moon pies or nehi or boiled peanuts (which are a very different thing from peanuts to munch on) or peanuts in coke even…

    That said, a lot of my tastes weren’t covered either, my two favorite ways of having fries are Dutch style with mayonaise or with butter, salt and pepper (very thick, kind of like English chips and fried at home) they go great with lima beans cooked with a leftover ham bone…

    And no beef jerky? slim jims? pickled eggs? pigs feet?


  3. Your snack preferences have lead us to believe that you grew up in the midwest. You’re about as wholesome as it gets. You love comfort food and good old fashioned family values.

    I kept choosing Israeli sufganiot (doughnuts with jam) and hummus. 🙂


  4. California for me. I think they had a few very region-specific snacks and if you didn’t click on those, you automatically defaulted to California.


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