Folks, you know I’m not into videos but this one is just too hard-core. The sheer ignorance of this shit blows my mind.

13 thoughts on “Obscurantism

  1. Responding to “Obscurantism”

    This is beyond bizarre. I wanted to be a girl as a toddler, I think because the adults I knew seemed to like girls better. My parents and my grandmother let me wear high heels and play with dolls, but they fortunately never agreed that I was a girl.


    1. Klara takes off the barrettes and never unclipped her onesies. Mostly because her arms are not long enough. Or maybe she’s a boy.

      This is beyond deranged.


    1. The utter reaches of insanity.

      Since when is the desire to wear barrettes or even just long hair is a purview of womanhood? There are plenty of men with long hair and plenty of women with short hair. And plenty of women who hate wearing skirts or dresses.


  2. Trying to claim gender is infinitely fluid apparently results in people seizing on any behavior to stereotype it so they can fit into their current gender identity. Hence we get normal child discomfort with clothing retroactively freighted with some meaning.

    Thank goodness party hats with elastics aren’t so freighted with gender (despite being pink/blue/whatever) otherwise someone might claim I yanked them off my head in rejection of my feminine identity. No, I just hated having something dig into my chin.

    I’m reminded of David Reimer.

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    1. Exactly. Isn’t it a much more reasonable explanation that barrettes of snaps on onesies are simply not comfortable?

      Klara is 26 months today, and she still insists her Grandpa is a girl. The word just doesn’t mean much to her. And that’s what’s normal.


  3. That is completely ridiculous indeed. I hated skirts and dresses as a child, and would start to cry and try to tear them off as soon as my parents tried to put them on me. My parents never concluded that I was a boy, but rather that I was a girl who hated dresses (and simply left me alone and stopped buying them for me…huge saving for them, as they could simply reuse the clothes from my older cousins – not many girls in the family). I still hate skirts and dresses, and love to wear suits. None of that makes me a man.

    I hate when gender discourse is reduced to “girls love dresses and dolls – boys love pants and cars. So if you like a doll, then you must be a girl”. It is so reductive.



  4. Related: For some trans activists, homosexuality is now transphobic. In other words, if you’re a gay man and you don’t want to date trans men because of their anatomy (vagina/no penis), you’re transphobic.


    1. It’s caused a lot of problems in the lesbian community, too. Timid statements to the effect that “I support trans rights but I’m a lesbian precisely because I’m not aroused by penises” were greated with such hounding that it was unbelievable. It’s a complete misunderstanding of how human sexuality works. It’s not ideological but physiological. If you are not attracted to something, it’s just a fact. The idea that you can change it by efforts of willpower is insane.


  5. You may find a never-ending supply of trans and trans-enabling insanity at gendertrender.wordpress.com


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