Across the Border

We bitch about Rauner but in Missouri they have it worse. Their new Governor is being investigated for playing 50 Shades of Grey with a mustachioed lady hairdresser. The whole story is both tawdry and pathetic. Follow the link at your own risk. (It’s workplace safe in terms of imagery but still pretty disgusting).

5 thoughts on “Across the Border”

  1. Mustachioed? What makes you say she’s mustachioed?

    Anyway, this whole situation is a mess. I feel sorry for the people of Missouri.


    1. Well, she has a mustache. It happens.

      I also find it interesting that he’d find a boyish-looking lady with a mustache for this purpose. There is a lot of deeply repressed homoeroticism in the Navy Seals and in the Republican party.


      1. I just have not seen a picture of this woman anywhere so I don’t know how you know. Where did you see one? There wasn’t one in the link, at least not that I saw.


        1. She was self-promoting on social media for a while but when the story broke it was all scrubbed, all of her accounts deleted. She realized there was no way she’d get to control the story, so she deleted it all.


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