Putin is playing a typical S&M (aka domestic abuse) game with the US. He provokes, provokes, provokes, and then finally gets his ass whupped and is content. That is short-lived, though. The anxiety begins to build, and the cycle repeats.

The tragedy is that this is always done at the expense of completely innocent bystanders. It’s a bloody shame that the US allows itself to play this ridiculous role. This kind of game doesn’t end until one of the S&M pair dies. Or leaves the relationship. And that’s unfortunately rare.


5 thoughts on “S&M”

  1. I am not sure what qualifies as Putin being whipped recently? NATO bombing Syria while making all imaginable effort to not touch anything Russian?
    I am getting more and more feeling that latest events can be much better described by an old soviet saying “we are pretending to work and they are pretending to be paying us”.


    1. I’m very glad Trump has shown a lot of restraint. The last thing anybody needs is a real military confrontation between Russia and the US.

      So yes, it’s a symbolic whipping. And I think that’s good.


  2. Hillary was always a hawk concerning Syria, so a President Hillary would probably have carried out a very similar strike by now.

    It’s ironic that for all the doomsday yammering about the 2016 election, Trump, for all his contradictory statements and tweets, has ended up governing domestically like a typical moderately conservative Republican, and has a Hillaryesque hawkish foreign policy.


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