There is absolutely nothing whatsoever you can do that is more anti-Russian than trying to force the OPEC not to raise the oil prices. The oil going up to $71 per barrel is a huge lifeline for Putin. I’m not saying that this is why the OPEC is doing it. I don’t know enough to conclude that. But I do know that the only real threat to Putin’s regime is if the oil dips to under $30. Which it almost did in 2014. The closer the prices get to $100, the stronger Putin gets.

These are facts of objective reality, and whatever theory we construct needs to take them into account.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Putin”

  1. Related good news (for Republicans!):

    The DNC is going to spend $$$ SUING Russia and WikiLeaks, seeking damages “related to Russia’s hack of DNC computer systems.” The DNC claims that it’s doing this “for the good of the country” (presumably the U.S.A.).

    Obviously, neither Russia nor WikiLeaks is going to cooperate in the slightest with a U.S. civil litigation case. So besides looking stupid, the DNC is simply wasting a lot of money and time that would otherwise be used to help elect Democratic candidates in November. 🙂 🙂


  2. May I ask you about the situation in Donbass? Is Russia still preventing Ukrainian army from taking back the territories? Does Ukraine want them back? I suppose a few Russia-supported Ukranian criminals-terrorists in Donbass won’t be a problem for Ukrainian army? What about the people still left there?

    Have stopped reading about the issue for a long time and decided to ask you for an update since you follow it closely.


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