Bringing Down Zadie Smith

This is a really poorly written, idiotic review in which the author blames “white Liberals” for her incapacity to understand philosophical essays by Zadie Smith and claims that making fun of Justin Bieber’s Twitter fans prevents “dismantling white supremacy.”

It’s hard to decide which part of something as ridiculous as this to quote, but here is a funny one:

But social media has raised the bar for a lot of our cultural conversations. For one: Philosophers and academics on Twitter bring rigor (and brevity) to pop culture analysis, making the premise for some of Smith’s essays feel stale.

You’d think this was a parody but I see people quote this piece with reverence.

The funny aspects of the review shouldn’t obscure to us how very racist it is. Zadie Smith is condemned for being too smart, too educated, too well-read, and too successful. We can be grateful that the author doesn’t use the word “uppity” but she does everything but to make sure the readers understand her meaning. I’m guessing the author is one of those “rigorous Twitter academics” and is wounded by Smith’s success.

4 thoughts on “Bringing Down Zadie Smith”

  1. It is rambling and pointless. “I don’t identify with the persona of the essayist so she has betrayed me.”


  2. I started to read this and stopped because I got bored. I have no opinions of Zadie Smith.

    “Just so you know I’m not from the ivory tower and ‘ivory’ at the same time, I was eating a pappadum in an Indian restaurant while I read another one of her works!” [“You know I’m not trying hard because I’m not italicizing the food name or explaining it!”]
    “Also I name checked Anna Devere Smith so you know I’m right type of cultured!”

    It just seems like she’s wasting a whole lot of words to tell us that Zadie Smith is try-hard while that whole essay reeks of…the author being try-hard.

    “Even though I too am a biracial essayist who loves museums and books and traveling with my father.” — I don’t know, congratulations you and Zadie Smith are not reducible to categories?


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