So True

Just one more quote from the essay linked in the previous post:

Yet the editorial logic of right-wing media resembles closely the default position of many recent books and dissertations in literary studies: The true story is always the oppositional story, the cry from outside. The righteous are those who sift the shadows of the monolith to undermine it in defense of some notion of freedom.

5 thoughts on “So True”

    1. It’s not the 50s but the possibility of saying that texts by Cervantes are vastly superior to whoever was the equivalent of Justin Bieber then and not have everybody experience heart attacks. It’s the possibility of saying that correct grammar has to be taught to college students. It’s being able to say that you can’t be a cultured person if you’ve never read Proust or Goethe.


    1. Oh God. Oh God, God, God. No, I had no idea it was this bad. We need to separate ourselves from this shithole asap. What the fuck are they doing? Dumb fucks. Don’t they understand they are a hair breadth away from being closed down?


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