Here is a fresh example of this sad little fantasy:

If Republicans retain control then I believe what will happen over time is that someone who shares Trump’s dictatorial and authoritarian tendencies but doesn’t have his baggage — someone who is a competent manager and just as charismatic — will eventually arise and you can kiss your individual liberties goodbye. That will take time but it’s the trend we are heading towards.

Ooh, individual liberties are in danger, how scary. When the unpleasant reality is that there is nobody there to care about you and your freedom to work for free and have no protections in the job market.

One of the greatest victories of neoliberalism is its appropriation of the word “freedom”. It’s now possible to sell people any abuse or exploitation under the guise of freedom of choice. And these silly fantasies about “freedom” suddenly going away are meant to keep people at peace with the reality where freedom means loss of security, loneliness and terror of failing.

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