The Motive of the Armenian Maniac

Turns out the Armenian fellow who mowed down a crowd in Toronto, killing 10 people and wounding many more did so in protest over being sexually frustrated. And yes, Armenians are widely known for having this problem. I don’t find this motive unbelievable.

16 thoughts on “The Motive of the Armenian Maniac”

  1. I’m not making light of this tragedy, but it’s always amusing the way every generation that comes along believes that it’s the first in history to experience eternal problems, and invents new words for them.

    “Incel” is the new spelling for “losers” who blame the world for their personal failures? This clown should have simply become a guest writer for sites like Shakesville and Feministing.


      1. “So they will never have a problem with getting laid.”

        They do if they expect to have sex on “feminist” terms.

        Jessica Valenti — the entertaining, gleefully clueless white girl who ran Feministing before it was taken over by anti-Semitic, Western-hating radical idiots — once wrote that a woman has to seriously ask herself if ANY complement by a man is a sexist insult.

        You can still read Jessica’s amusing foolishness every week in The Guardian.


          1. “Yet both Valenti and McEwan are happily married with adoring husbands.”

            You can always find exceptions to the rule when you fall in love — or so I’ve been told, anyway. Never seen the proof firsthand.


      2. I see this repeatedly and I don’t understand it. Most men who can’t “get laid” are pissed off that the kind of woman (or man, but overwhelmingly woman) they want isn’t giving them the time of day. It’s the same for most women. It’s almost never “no person of my preferred gender at all has any sexual interest in me.”

        If there’s a sex imbalance, the women alter their behaviors to attract men. With men, they not only don’t bother [mostly], they get worse.

        I honestly didn’t have much sympathy for this as a younger woman and I have even less patience with it right now.


        1. In this part of the world, male desire is not valuable. And where I come from, it is, so I see the difference.

          I’m guessing the Armenian fellow couldn’t get any woman at all. Except a prostitute but that’s a complete devaluation of male desire.

          Maybe in Toronto it’s better, but in Montreal the shortage of willing women is such that I’ve known men in their 30s and 40s who either never had sex or only maybe a couple of times. And it’s not because they are sitting there waiting for movie stars. And where I come from, it’s the exact opposite.


          1. In this part of the world, male desire is not valuable. And where I come from, it is, so I see the difference.
            Could you elaborate more on this?

            Because in the parts of the world where male desire is not valuable you’d think men would try harder and be less accommodated and the relative status and quality of life for women would rise. It’s not like that.

            I’m not seeing this rise in status and quality of life for women in places where there’s absolutely more men than women. It is the opposite when there’s more women than men. Why?

            I’m guessing the Armenian fellow couldn’t get any woman at all. Except a prostitute but that’s a complete devaluation of male desire
            I’ve read incel and red pill and MGTOW forums. They all are bitter that specific types of women don’t want them.

            This cartoon is only funny because men generally don’t do this : If Men Flirted Like Birds
            Do women in your part of the world attempt to do things like this for men, Clarissa?


            1. The relative quality of life for women here is enormously higher than where I come from. There is no comparison. Back in Russia, what are the chances N would get up at 6 to do the dishes and take the kid to school and then go shopping for cleaning supplies? They are nil. Even if he made no money. Even that horrible Putinoid Russian I met, a total icky sexist, cooks, cleans and irons, which is something his Russian mom finds egregious. All of the men from my part of the world and the Hispanic men I know who did some dating in North America before getting married have learned this lesson. You make an effort or you remain alone.

              N, for instance, is very handsome. Tall, green eyes, beautiful hair. Very educated, faithful, kind. In Russia, women would be slaughtering each other for him. And here his personal life was non-existent before he met me. And yes, he was on these male forums and shocked me with all the lingo and the weird concepts they are using. He was also on feminist websites because he was really trying to figure it out. And that’s where he met me.


              1. Where I come from, gosh, women slaughter each other for such low-quality specimens of manhood that it’s crazy. And so men don’t make an effort because they just need to have a pulse and women will go nuts and do anything. It’s pathetic.

                Of course, an Armenian would find it harder even back there but there would be nothing like the hardship he’d encounter here. And of course, the men here try to save face by claiming they are alone because they’d only settle for a movie star. But it’s only what they say. I met this guy back in Canada. 35 and never had sex. His story was that he was only into beautiful petite Asian women with long manicured nails. And there aren’t that many in Montreal. Which did not prevent him from running after me like crazy even though I’m not Asian, clearly not petite and can’t grow my nails no matter what I do.


              2. Also – sorry, this is my favorite topic so now I can’t stop – yes, Russian-speaking men give flowers, that’s true. But honestly, as a woman what would you prefer, a guy who gives flowers or a guy who doesn’t expect you to do all the cleaning, cooking and child-minding always?

                Both N and I grew up with dads who literally don’t know where their underwear is located in the house. Meaning, they couldn’t find their own underwear. In their own house. Because the wife is expected to hand them a fresh pair every day and literally put it in their hands. Or they don’t change underwear. My Dad doesn’t know how to make tea out of a packet. He needs a woman to put the cup in front of him, take the packet out of the wrapping and dunk it in the cup. That’s why I grew up terrified of marriage because the idea of being responsible for another adult’s underwear is daunting to me. Fuck, even my two-year-old knows where her clothes are and can take them out on her own.

                My Mom left to visit Ukraine and my Dad almost starved. Because he didn’t know how to heat up all the food she cooked for him and left in the freezer in individually wrapped and labeled portions. He’d rather not eat at all. I had to come in and cook and feed him. I love my Dad, but this kind of helplessness is something I just can’t stomach.

                And it’s the women who promote this ridiculousness. My Mom says, “How can you let your husband do the dishes? He has a PhD! Is that what he got his fancy education for? To do dishes, like a maid?” The fact that I also have a PhD from an even fancier place doesn’t register.


              3. I do not know… When I was still living in the place that belonged to the SU at some point, I did not notice any attempts to slaughter anybody for a questionable honor of being with me. I am not as handsome as N, but you know I look OK. I suspect that the male had to at least pursue the women himself (which I did not do because I was already married), not the other way around…
                But, indeed, post-SU is a bad place to be a woman…


              4. “I am not as handsome as N, but you know I look OK.”

                • No need to be modest, you are very attractive. And you did get married very young, right? So it couldn’t have been that bad. 🙂 I think you just didn’t give it enough time. Once women get to the age where it’s crucial to get married, the slaughter begins. 🙂


          2. “I’ve known men in their 30s and 40s who either never had sex or only maybe a couple of times. ”

            If a man in his 30s has never had sex , it’s because at some psychological level he doesn’t really want it!

            Let’s be realistic: You could look like the hunchback of Notre Dame and be three feet tall, and by 30 you’d definitely have found some woman, somewhere, who was willing to put out for you. To claim otherwise is absurd.


  2. Question on Radio Yerevan:
    Q: Is it true that a team of daredevil drivers from Armenia has been thrilling sell-out crowds on a triumphant world tour?
    A: In principle yes, but…

    (too soon?)


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