Duckface Selfieccino

London now has a ‘selfieccino’ cafe where you can get your face printed onto your coffee. Customers can get their faces printed on milk foam for £5.75 at The Tea Terrace in House of Fraser, Oxford Street.
The Tea Terrace sold over 400 selfieccinos in 3 days since the launch. They hope to trademark the term to expand to other locations.

It’s true that many people report a weird obsession with bringing coffee and selfies together. Normally, they just photograph the coffee they drink to post it on social media, but this takes the whole thing even further.

Imagine hundreds of coffee cups with these horrible duck faces that people make for selfies. Brrr.


4 thoughts on “Duckface Selfieccino”

    1. The whole point is to photograph the photograph of the duckface and post it on Instagram.

      I used to like an occasional selfie but I’ve seen too many duckfaces not to abhor the genre.


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