The Javelins

The Javelins, by the way, are already in Ukraine. Ukrainian troops will start learning to use them the day after tomorrow. The Russians are livid and threatening with bloodshed. But they can’t really do anything.

These are the same Javelins that President Obama totally, utterly, and completely refused to send to Ukraine. These are the Javelins that couldn’t have possibly be sent to Ukraine because there’d be horrible consequences of some unspecified kind.

And so they are already in Ukraine, ready to be used by Ukrainian troops. They were sent by the US. Ukrainians are over the moon.

Of course, you are not likely to hear much about it on this side of the ocean because. . . well, we all know why.

5 thoughts on “The Javelins”

  1. “there’d be horrible consequences of some unspecified kind.”

    Obama was afraid that the Ukrainians would fight back, instead of simply accepting Putin’s conquest.

    Our previous president that only racists criticize willingly surrendered the Middle East to Russia, so why not throw in an insignificant Eastern European country that would otherwise be ruled by CIA-assisted 21st-century “Nazis”?


    1. Yet nobody is saying Obama or Reset-Hillary were Russian spies. Yet Trump, who did all of it very easily and very fast, is.

      There’s got to be a narrative people use to explain this contradiction to themselves. I’m very interested what it is. I don’t mean people like that idiot who claimed sanctions don’t work because oligarchs can “hide” their factories and stocks. I mean smart people.


  2. I haven’t really followed the election meddling saga. What is supposed to be the reason for the alleged meddling? Was it the Russian government that allegedly wanted Trump to win and if so, what was their alleged motive or motivation?


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