When Klara was younger, aside from everything else I had to drag around, I had to have in my humongous backpack her dolly, her dolly’s dolly, the dolly’s blanket, the dolly’s pillow, the dolly’s bottle, and sometimes the dolly’s stroller.

Now, however, she’s older and finally – finally! – has an imagination. So we play for hours with an imaginary dolly, feed her imaginary food that we heat up in an imaginary kitchen, take her temperature with an imaginary thermometer, etc. Not only is it amazing to see a little human being sprout an imagination, but it also makes for a lighter backpack.

Today, I picked Klara up and she slaughtered me with, “Put me down, mommy. You can’t carry me all day. Your back’s gonna hurt. You’ll need to go to a doctor. Doctor will give you medicine.” I still can’t get over her giving these little speeches that are very much to the point.


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