Faith in capitalism is plummeting. Only 42 percent of millennials embrace capitalism, according to a Harvard University poll, while 51 percent reject it.

Well, it’s not like they have any idea what it is. I should know. I ask all the time. People just say whatever is fashionable without having the slightest idea of what it means.

It will be a happy day in my life when I ask in class about what capitalism is and get anything beyond “well, it’s when, you know, like, you know, it’s yeah.” And I’m sure I’ve asked more people throughout the years that the quoted study has. It’s news to most that the US is a capitalist country. It’s news to about 99% that the UK or Spain are. So it’s like, yeah.


3 thoughts on “Capitalism”

    1. Because capitalism is bad. And the US is a good country. So how can a good country have something this bad?

      This is why I keep asking what it is that they study at those secondary schools for 12 years. They got to be doing something. So what is it? I’m mystified.



    Earlier this week at the Shared Values Leadership Summit in New York City, she admitted that she’s a crony capitalist who’s always pandered to Wall Street and big-money special interests.

    Then, of course, she gave that fact as the 10,000th reason why she lost the election. 🙂


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