Newspaper Apps

Turns out that NYTimes has an app. I have no idea why it never occurred to me to check. I read the paper version on Sundays and in theory I’m supposed to be reading the online version during the week. But I hate the website so I never go. The app is great, I’m loving it. There was a great long piece on pharmaceutical companies that aggressively push fentanyl even after the opioid scandals of recent years.

Washington Post also has an app but it’s horrible. Stories shake and jump out at you, and that hurts the eyes.


2 thoughts on “Newspaper Apps”

  1. I read a few interesting articles recently that made me think of you.

    Chronic pain patients report same levels of pain when on and off of opioids:

    Opioids may not be any more effective than non-opioids for chronic pain:

    And the issues with Suboxone clinics:


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