What’s Happening with the Nobel?

I don’t get this article on why the Nobel Prize might not be awarded this year. One of the judge’s husband turned out to be a prick. OK, fuck him. But what does anybody’s husband have to do with the prize? Why are they all leaving?

The only part of this rambling piece I liked is the one that puts journalists next to prostitutes. This is the worst kind of reporting because the journalist hasn’t even tried to find out what is actually happening.

4 thoughts on “What’s Happening with the Nobel?”

  1. Yeah, I got confused by this story too. Is it so hard to follow the ‘who what when where how’ rule? Even automated algorithms can do a better job.


  2. The Polish press is also talking about the fact that the prick husband supposedly was leaking the names of winners ahead of time (possibly allowing some to profit in the betting market….)

    And Sweden keeps proclaiming itself as a feminist society, and apparently they’ve decided on the definition of feminism that includes: “mired in endless personal and pointless drama and squabbling and backbiting”

    Imagine the most petty, personal shit that you have to deal with in faculty meetings and multiply it by a hundred. I’m surprised they haven’t fallen apart years ago.

    The quitting is maybe a Swedish thing (they have lots of weird customs and ways of doing things and this seems like one of them).

    Sweden’s twitter account has walked back the meatball story (in case you were wondering).


  3. Forgot to mention, the decision has been made and no literature nobel this year (and supposed to be two next year if they manage to get their shit together which I find really doubtful)


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