The Idiot Party

This is the deputy chairman of the DNC. I don’t even think that he’s a bad guy. I think he’s simply a useful idiot. I mean, if he doesn’t “believe” in borders, what does he want his party to govern? The planet? The Galaxy?

I can’t wait to start voting for these clowns. And yeah, the competing clowns are really scary while these are kind of pathetic funny. That’s very comforting.


8 thoughts on “The Idiot Party”

  1. Meanwhile in Ohio, our Dem candidate for auditor advocated building a border wall about ten years before Trump ever did. Donald steals all his best ideas from us. Interesting to see how different Dems are in other places.


      1. I feel like it’s more to do with location than anything. Sherrod Brown seems to have managed to maintain his sanity. Meanwhile, state level politicians in California seem pretty awful.


      1. “Am I missing something?”

        “Read the slogan on the T-shirt.”

        Or just do a little googling about the long-expressed views of DNC Chairman Tom Perez, Keith Ellison’s boss. Perez was elected to that position 15 months ago.


        1. The slogan says “I don’t believe in borders.” I forgot that not everybody is a Spanish speaker, sorry.

          This is just as ridiculous as folks who run for office on the platform of “not believing” in government. Or the idiots who march with the slogan “keep your government out of my Medicare.”


          1. Ahhh, yes …”If not for government how would it be possible for anyone to run for an office? And isn’t Medicare a creation of government?”
            …and some folks still haven’t figured that out yet?


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