A Sign

Just as I prepared to click on an article on what it feels like to be pregnant in your forties, Facebook crashed. I guess that’s a sign.


8 thoughts on “A Sign”

  1. If it helps, I was 44 when my son was born. He’s only 4 now, but so far so good. I think a lot of stuff is easier than it would have been when I was younger.


      1. I’d love to see such a post.

        There seem to be several local parents who had kids in their 40s. We’re planning a get-together to compare notes but it hasn’t happened yet.

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  2. A friend of my mom’s had her first and only child when she was in her early forties. She had problems keeping food down, but aside from that, she did fine during the pregnancy; the birth went well too and the baby was healty. 🙂
    The problem of being an older mom, she says, was the lack of energy, because small children require a lot of it. Mentally, on the contrary, she felt more prepared than when she was younger.


  3. Your best guide is your own body. The next best guide is how how other female biological relatives fared. Women had children over 40 all the time. The only difference is the kids were surprise babies or the youngest children in large families. There’s a twenty year gap between my maternal grandmother and her youngest sibling, who is a year younger than my mother. My mother’s youngest sister claims that if my maternal grandmother hadn’t had health issues, she would’ve kept on having children and I’d have an aunt my age. Speculation, of course. [My mother lives in hope, so she won’t tell me things like when I can reasonably expect to go through menopause.]

    Just focus on making sure whomever you go to for care is great with post maternity care and you as a person separate from the baby. People focus so much on the baby they forget to check on the mother.


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