The Best Summer Purchase Ever

I’ve promised the link to several people, so I think it makes sense to put it here to let everyone discover the best summer purchase ever at the ridiculously low price of $7.99.

This amazing product is a colossal foot rasp. People in need of a rasp are those who spend a lot of awake time without socks on. Which means women and casually dressing men.

Folks, forget expensive foot masks, scary buzzing devices, and frustrating pumice stones. This rasp changed my life like no other beauty product ever. And I don’t have a dire situation in the feet area because I go to a pedicurist once a month. I hear that people with those scary troll feet that shred the sheets are practically praying to this object.

And hey, I don’t blame them. I’m leaving for a 3-day trip, and I’m already feeling separation anxiety from my rasp.

I’m not getting paid to promote the product. I simply want to share my joy at this wonderful discovery with the world.

4 thoughts on “The Best Summer Purchase Ever”

  1. That thing looks like a cheese grater and the thought of using it on my feet scares me to hell. But hey, if you say it works wonders…


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