Different Kinds of Fraud

Mike always summarizes things beautifully:

Obama has re-taught me the importance of being a smooth, suave fraud as opposed to being a louche fraud like Trump.

I don’t want to accept this but how can you really argue with this?


4 thoughts on “Different Kinds of Fraud”

  1. Yeah, if the last 1.5 years still haven’t been able to convince one that there’s a difference between Trump and Obama, then I don’t know what to tell ya.


    1. There is obviously a huge difference. Huuuuuge. Like they are from different galaxies huge. But I feel deeply betrayed by Obama. And I love the fellow. I still do.


      1. Oh, me too. He’s someone who presided over the destruction of his party nationwide, while still keeping his personal ‘brand’ strong. Fuck him.


  2. I think the problem is that too many liberals and leftists projected their own idea(l)s onto him as a political candidate and as a new president. He said he was against the Iraq War (although he wasn’t a US Senator at the time to vote for it or against it), and Hillary voted for it. He was black, which must have meant that he was progressive and understood issues of racism, and therefore a whole array of related issues that affect POC, the poor, women, the LGBT community, etc. I gave up on him after he failed to vocally support a public option in the health care bill.


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