Cash Regrets

Why, why do I never have cash on me?

There should be an app where you can tip people or donate money through the phone. Or a tradition where workers wear their PayPal handles on their shirts. I constantly feel like a cheapo bastard because I don’t carry cash or a wallet.

12 thoughts on “Cash Regrets”

  1. I’ve started to carry cash with me for the first time in my life just for this reason. And I really like it.


      1. Oh yeah, not tipping a shuttle/cab driver would mortify me.

        Also, the good feeling you get from even small random acts of kindness will make your day.

        Re: shuttle trips, didn’t the online page have a tip option when you booked it? It’s quite common these days. When I booked a shuttle a few months ago on supershuttle, I could specify the amount of my tip on the booking page itself, so I didn’t need to worry about not having cash on the day.


        1. It’s not the kind of shuttle you reserve. It’s just there for anybody who needs it.

          I’m hoping I’ll catch the same person on the way back because it’s a small airport and then I’ll be prepared.


    1. Yes, I also almost always pay cash. An executive at my bank told me that the security of credit cards, and especially debit cards is not so good, and that cash is safest.


      1. Quite efficient and convenient
        …but should one “put all their eggs into one basket” (asks I, who—himself— carries everything in his wallet everywhere HE goes. And what if I get robbed, or lose it in a scuffle?).


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