What do fathers of small daughters do when they take them to the playground or the park or wherever and they need to use the bathroom? OK, some men have a capacity to hold it in forever. But what about those who can’t? Or grandpas whose capacity to hold it in diminishes with age?

It’s a mystery that has bugged me for 2 years and 3 months.


9 thoughts on “Mystery”

      1. Yes. I seem to remember this. It was more discreet than you’d think. At a certain point my father decided I was now old enough to notice too much and so he started to pee behind trees instead. True!


  1. They just take the kid to one of the stalls, and when she’s done using it tell her to “Wait outside” the stall while they use it.
    About the only way it can be done.


      1. Why can’t toddlers see their fathers’ penises? If they’re whipping them around, I understand, but if they’re taking them out calmly to pee I don’t see a problem. This must be a case of different family norms.


  2. If there are people around that are familiar (like a woman with small children) I might ask if she could watch the daughter for a moment (that might get you arrested in the current climate but…). Otherwise have her wait right outside the stall, or in the next one hoping for an absence of the kind of… artwork then tends to show up on the walls of mens rooms.


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