Proletarians, Unite

Kevin de León. . is mounting a challenge to Senator Dianne Feinstein, arguing that she’s too willing to work with President Trump and out of touch with working-class voters. “It’s a tough race,” he admitted over an açaí bowl at a diner in San Diego.

Yeah, he’s totally in touch with working-class voters. They love discussing their shared love of açaí bowls with him.

I don’t happen to belong to a class that has even seen a photo of an açaí bowl, let alone eaten it. Maybe I should look for one while I’m in Seattle because I’m missing a cultural opportunity here.

10 thoughts on “Proletarians, Unite”

      1. I’m not joking. Here, those are at the most blue-collar of gyms and strip malls. There, at the most proletarian beaches. I work with those prisoners, remember, and a result is ex-cons underemployed take me to these places when I visit. I realize it sounds exotic — and it sounds ridiculous in the article. Still, I now want an acai bowl.


      1. I am serious or perhaps I live in a weird place. I’m not talking about the poor or the food insecure, I’m talking about people with enough money to go to a smoothie shop. When I was a child it was true, “sophisticated” food was eaten only by intellectuals, but nowadays truck drivers drink espresso, sushi is everywhere, açaí I learned about from a student’s quite poor mother who was nonetheless interested in health food. So yeah, the article sounds precious and I wouldn’t write the candidate up that way, but I am saying that eating açaí don’t mean …. etc.


  1. P.S. Also, this was in San Diego. People practically live on fruit down there. Go to smoothie stands down on the beach. It’s perhaps not a downright underclass thing to do, but working class, sure.


    1. The article just feeds into the stereotype of clueless liberals who brag about their deep understanding of the proletariat over acai bowls. This is so tone-deaf and hopeless that I despair.


  2. Right, the article is not trying to help him win, that’s for sure. But he really is more down with the people than Dianne Hawk Feinstein, who really needs to go. I have been sick of her since the 1970s. All these people I will miss keep retiring, but she sticks around.


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